Take Action

December is National Write to a Friend Month! This year, we wanted to give you the opportunity to write to our "friends" at GM, about their recent decision to close plants in Michigan, Ohio and Baltimore this holiday season. Submit your message using the form and we'll print and personally hand deliver your message to GM headquarters!

Care about jobs and the future of your community? Angry about sweatshops and the exploitation of children? Resolute that looking for the union label is as important today as it was 40 years ago? Think our country does best when we invest in ourselves?

Last year, the UAW started a campaign to get consumers to understand the power of their wallets. To raise even more awareness, the UAW has partnered with Labor411, UNITE HERE, American Federation of Musicians Local 47 and others to launch a video contest to find creative takes on why we should buy what we build. The contest invites participants to create videos that focus on the value of manufacturing and buying products domestically. The top videos will be reviewed by a panel of celebrity judges, including legendary Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello. Four prizes of $5,000 each will be awarded, and the submission period runs through April 25.

Here’s what you do: create a short (under four minutes) digital video – a song, a short film, skit, poem or other — expressing what BuildBuyUSA means to you, focusing on the message that when we make products in the United States, we are also helping local communities thrive. The message should be consistent with the themes of the campaign, so check out the website to learn more.

Click here for more info and to enter the contest.

NAFTA—to put it bluntly—was terrible for working families in the United States, as well as our allies to the north and south, Canada and Mexico. The terrible deal triggered job losses, closed auto factories, depressed wages and more power for corporations across all three countries.

Fill out the comment form to tell the U.S. Trade Representative why working families must be prioritized in future trade deals. We provided talking points below for you to use in crafting your own statement