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The UAW Financial Officers’ Conference will be held Sunday, March 24 through Friday, March 29, 2019, at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This conference is for local union presidents, financial secretaries/treasurers, trustees and recording secretaries.

UAW Navistar members have voted to ratify a new six-year contract.

Last week was a bad week for autoworkers and the future of our domestic industry. On Nov.

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December is National Write to a Friend Month! This year, we wanted to give you the opportunity to write to our "friends" at GM, about their recent decision to close plants in Michigan, Ohio and Baltimore this holiday season. Submit your message using the form and we'll print and personally hand deliver your message to GM headquarters!

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Monday, the UAW lodged a formal objection opposing GM's plan to close four American auto plants in 2019. The complaint objected to GM's unilateral decision on the future of those facilities, without the agreement of the UAW, required by the 2015 National Agreement.

Understanding the importance of initiation fees and dues is one of the building blocks for a united union. Beginning with the initiation fee, the fee that each new member pays, is very instrumental to our union growing stronger into the future. Each member pays a $10.00 initiation fee when they first join and half of this goes to the new member orientation fund that helps purchase the UAW member information kits that allow our newest members to hit the ground running.

In 1972, an employee who was a member of the Retail Clerks Union was accused by her employee, J. Weingarten, Inc., of not paying for some merchandise.  When the employer approached her to question her about the merchandise, she asked for a union representative to assist her.  The employer refused and kept questioning.  In the process of the questioning, it developed that the employee was not guilty of the conduct which the employer was accusing her of – but the employee made other statements about conduct which she thought was an accepted practice by most employees.  When Weingarten, Inc.