Burger Fest

No one seemed to regret their choice at all.  

The carnivores gathered Sunday afternoon in the outdoor area of Eastern Market Shed 5. Surrounding the crrowd were temporary booths and grilling areas from 16 local restaurants, all vying for the title Best Burger. The smell of sizzling meat was thick, along with a hint of melting cheese. 

Periodically, visitors could hear "Oh, man," or "Wow," or "Oh, yes," as people tasted the samples, which were about the size of a man's fist. Glen Lucas groaned something like, "Oh, hell yeah," after biting into "el guardian del fuego", the offering made by Firekeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek. The burger was one of the more exotic: a chili cheese corn chip bun, roasted jalapeno/tomatillo chutney, American cheese and of course, ground chuck.